About Us

Nestling in the heart of the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside you’ll find the ancient parish of Lillingstone Lovell – home to our unique and family run farm: Woodfields.

The creation of Woodfields Farm represents a culmination of a long-held ambition. Soon after swapping the hustle and bustle of city life in nearby Milton Keynes, we purchased a small 3-acre field that sits adjacent to our home with the intention of leading a more self-sufficient lifestyle. From there, the idea of Woodfields Farm developed quite organically as friends, family and neighbours made repeated requests for our sustainably produced, organic and environmentally-friendly products.

Our range of local organic products include, wine, Shiitake mushrooms and kindling – with a handful of carefully selected additions on the horizon.

The farm is open to visitors that wish to come and learn about what we do, sample some products and perhaps lend a hand if the mood takes you! Perhaps you would like to simply witness the transformation of our little farm whilst you sit and enjoy some peace and quiet in the idyllic Buckinghamshire countryside? Either way, you are more than welcome.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a select range of high-quality, lovingly-made produce, whilst ensuring we stay carbon-positive and totally organic.

We have no desire to further commercialise the Farm as we feel that farming vast acres of land would not allow us to give the love and attention required to make our products reach the high standard that we strive for. Woodfields Farm will always be what it is now – family run and in the heart of the community.

We do not use big plant or machinery, in fact our pigs plough the areas that we are currently cultivating for our vineyard. Our bees produce honey while pollinating our fruit and wildflower gardens and our delicious Shiitake mushrooms are grown from oak logs, each one lovingly inoculated by hand. Our kindling is produced from salvaged scaffold boards.